Eugene Marckx

Gene Marckx

The Queen Who Laid an Egg

Once upon a time there was a queen who wanted to have a child. But she didn’t know how. Still, she wished and thought and wanted it so much that one day she laid an egg. And with nothing better to do she decided to sit on it. What a long boring time, just sitting, […]


Patrick the Pirate

A long time ago in the Caribbean Sea, where every sailor steers clear of the Dry Tortugas, lived a pirate boy named Patrick.  His mother, his brother and his father were all pirates, but sometimes Patrick fell into dreams.  And this morning he dreamed of the prettiest, most beautiful girl in the Seven Seas and […]


Two Cherry Trees

This wagon train was formed in the mid 1840s for the trek to Oregon. Like most, it was formed of various families who found each other more or less good company. But unlike most, it was formed late in the season. To make up for lost time they were on the trail each day at […]


Sideway Boy

SIDEWAYS BOY by Eugene Marckx   In a time that circles with the changing faces of the moon this story is always happening.  A boy.  Why is it a boy?  Could it be a girl for once?  But this was a boy¾born to trouble.  Oh, yes, plenty of people tried to wish it all away, […]


The Dream

The Dream by Eugene Marckx This kind of story happens all the time. The details change and even the characters, but the story happens more or less the same. It can happen to a man, but this time it was a woman, living with her husband in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. To […]