Eugene Marckx

Gene Marckx


RETURN The two of them grew old together like gnarled grapevines interlaced When he began to fail she kept him living. Her twisted fingers shaved his stubble and then we’d have to ask her what his winding gabble meant. She always knew So much so that when he died she couldn’t bear to have him […]


Divorce Rate in the Northwest

Divorce Rate in the Northwest   What these mountains had to give we’ve turned into crates for overseas No wonder we keep missing each other cry words, words and choose dust or nails for breakfast   What these mountains had to give we’ve subdivided into wide closets and no basements The dog chained in back […]



PARTING   Time was when love was all we needed We believed each other’s lies Through belief somehow they’d rise to the occasion So we defined each other to be ourselves and we were simply good to ourselves Was it too much to love at any cost? But then we could play the lover’s part […]


The High Field

The High Field What I thought of as solid rock gets lost here in silent dense morning fog of a mountain field where my feet are out on their own among grass and stone Yet sunrise off a peak ignites the air dazzling through mist and skin and I can hold nothing back from this […]