Lines for a young couple

Between you two a bridge has formed

that you’ve been building with your hands,

your arms, your shoulders and your wings

over time’s deep running river below.


Your love and iron trust bring it high

each day out of thin air.


Believing in you and in what cannot

be seen lets the rest of us brave a look

at our own past promises and vows

broken on the rocks; yet here we find

those old shards you’ve used again,

fitting parts of your new bridge.


Your love heartens us to trust our own feet

to thin air on this bridge and then peer down

at fish rising out of time’s dark fathom,

renewing our hopes, fulfilling our prayers,

flashing tokens from their rich-jeweled scales

over all creatures as we whisper once more

our own vows, breathing this new air

high, high upon your bridge.



Eugene Marckx